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(supposed to have angelic healing vir tues). Umbellflerm. A large genus in temperate re gions, widely distributed. A number of them are native to N. Amer. See also Archangelica. Ourtisii, Buckley. Stout perennial, 2-5 ft., glabrous : lvs. 2-ternate, with quinate divisions, the leaflets thin, ovate-lanceolate, irregularly sharp-toothed. Pa. to N. C. —Gi-own for the subtropical effect of its finely cut, ample foliage. lnt. by H. P. Kelsey, 1891. hirsute, Muhl. (Archangélica hirsalta, Torr. & Gray). Pubescent above: lvs. twice pinnately or ternately divided. the leaflets thickish and serrate. E. states. Int. 1892 by H. P. Kelsey.

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