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(South American name). Scrophula ridcew. Perennial herbs or sub-shrubs, with pretty, irregular 2-lipped axillary fls., in a long. leafy terminal raceme: lvs. opposite. long: branches 4-sided. Grown as pot plants in warm glass-houses, and prop. by seeds or softwood cuttings. salicarlaaiolia, Humb. & Bonpl. Three ft. or less: lvs. lanceolate to ovate-lanceolate, sessile, toothed, closely pubescent: fls. deep blue. S. Amer. B.M. 2478. RM. 5:75. B.R. 415. Gardneri, Hook. Lvs. linear-lanceolate, more strongly toothed throughout their length : ti. purple. white-cen tered, handsome: plant pubescent-glandular and aro matic. S. Amer. B.M. 375-i.—The plant sold in this country as A. grandillorc probably belongs here. The A. go-andillora introduced by Benary in 1897 (a good annual), however, is represented as an entire-lvd. pot plant: see the picture in Gt. 46, p. 612; G.C. Ill. 22: 307; Gn. 52, p. 461 ; R.B. 23: 272. L_ H_ B_

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