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(Greek, vessel-fem). Marattidcew. An Old World genus of coarse greenhouse ferns, with twice- or thrice-pinnate lvs., and the sporangia arranged in boat-shaped marginal concept-acles. ln cultivation, requires plenty of room and abundant drainage. The only recognized species is evécta, Hoffm. Growing from an erect caudex, 2-6 ft. high : lvs. 6-15 ft. long. mostly bipinnate, with swollen rachises; leaflets 4-12 in. long, %—1%in.wide, the margin entire or slightly toothed. India and Jap. to Madagas car and Queensland. S. 1:399.—Known under various names in cultivation, as A. longifolia, etc. The trade names, which appear to indicate species, may be re garded as varieties. L_ M_ UNDER“-00D_ Angiopteris grows wild in swampy places. and is of robust habit. If grown in pots, the pots may stand in 2 or 3 in. of water. Although spores are freely produced, no seedlings are on record. Easily prop. by the fleshy scales at the base of each frond. Each scale contains at least two dormant buds, and should not be divided. They may be laid in sand, covered with sphagnum, and kept in a close case for 3-5 months. They start quicker in early spring.—-Schneider, Book of Choice Ferns.