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(Malayan name). Orchiddcea, tribe Vdnderz. Epiphytes. Lvs. variably distichous, coria ceous : racemes few- to many-flowered, produced from the axils of the lvs. : labellum exserted into aconspicu ous s ur, sometimes many inches long. Trop. and S. Afr.. adagascar and Jap. With exception of A. fa Iva mm, the species of this genus require high tempera tures in order to develop satisfactorily. For culture, see Orchids. Prop. by removing upper portion and planting separately. It should include a few roots. Angrmcums are valued for their winter-flowering and lasting qualities. The compost found most suitable is fresh-growing sphagnum moss, no earthy matter being desirable, as most of the roots are seen striking out into the atmosphere for their needs, and do not take kindly to confinement in pots. Moisture is essential at all times, as Angrmcums do not have bulbs to full back on for their sustenance during rest or blooming, in which respect they resemble the Aiirides, Vandas and Sacco labiums. The moss must not be allowed to become de cayed, but kept living by renewal when seen to be necessary, usually in springtime. Some of the favorite species are A. Elllsii, super-bum, sesquipedalv, Humblolii and falcatum. Cum by E_ Q_ QBPE-r_ Alphabetical list of American favorites : A. articula tum, 6; citratum, 9; distichum, 4; eburneum, 12; Ellisii, 7; falcatum, 3; Humblotii, 1 ; A. Leonis, 1; modestum, B ; pertusum, 11 ; Smulerianum. 8 ; Scotti anum, 5 ; sesquipedale, 2 ; superbum, 12 ; vir-ens, 12.