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(pappus likened to antenna). Com pdsitw. EV!-IRLASTING. CAT'S-EAR. Small,white-woolly perennial herbs, with spatulate or obovate root-lvs., and mostly leafless scapes, bearing small gray or white heals which remain stiff and dry. They are interesting for rockwork and the edges of borders, and for this pur pose have been sparingly introduced in the last few years. They are perfectly hardy, and thrive in poor soil. The fls. are often out before fully mature and dried (and often dyed) as everlastings. Several spe cies grow wild. Prop. mostly by division of the mats ; also by seeds. Allied to Anaphalis and Gnaphalium. Dioacious. See Everlaslings. A. Pappus of sterile fls. no

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