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(Greek name of the chamomile). Com p6sitw. CHAMOMILE- Pyrethrum-like heavy-scented plants, annual, biennial or perennial, members of a large, Old World temperate-region genus. Heads many iiowered, the disk yellow, the rays white and yellow and (in the common cult. species) pistillate, the receptacle conical and chafly, the akenes terete or ribbed, and either naked or bearing a minute crown : lvs. pinnateiy dissected. Two or three of the species are weeds. Others are excellent border plants. The true chamo mile is a medicinal plant. The hardy perennial species, which alone are grown in this country, are easily handled in the border, where they bloom from midsum mer till frost. They thrive in almost any soil, but need full exposure to sun. Prop. by seeds or division of the clumps, usually the latter. A. Rays normally yellow. tinctoria, Linn. Gowns Maaousmrs. Of bushy habit, 2-3 ft., with angular st. and pinnately divided, and again pinnatitid or cut-toothed lvs., and large, daisy like, golden yellow iis. (1-2 in. across). A. Kélu-ayi, Hort. (or var. Kélwayi, Hort. ), has finer-cut foliage and deeper yellow fls. There is also apale-rayed var. Gn. 52: 1149.—An excellent hardy border plant, and useful at the same time for cut fls.