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(Greek.~ tail - flower). A 1-0 idem. Tropical herbs, of 200 or more species, cult. mostly in stoves, grown for the showy spothes and spadi ces or for foliage. Spathe usually spreading or even reflexed, only rarely par tially enclosing the spadix. Differs from Alocnsia and allied genera in technical characters. Monogr. by Engler in DeCandolle’s ,, Monograph“! Phaner°'gamarum, Vol. 2 (1879). Propagation is effected by suckers or cuttings of the rhizome inserted in small pots containing a mixture of peat fiber, chopped sphagnum moss and silver sand in equal proportions, and plunged in a propagating box in a temperature of 75° to 80°, with bottom heat. About the end of January is the most suitable time to take the cuttings. Anthuriums may also be propagated by seeds sown in a mixture of very fine fibrous pest and chopped sphagnum mo.~s in 4-inch pots. The seeds should be lightly covered with sphagnum and the pots placed either in a propagating case or under bell glasses, where a temperature of 80° can be maintained. A constant hu mid atmosphere is very necessary to induce the seeds to germinate. The compost in which Anthuriums thrive best is a mixture of one-third fern root, or the fiber of peat with the dust shaken out, one-third sphagnum moss and one-third broken crooks and charcoal. The pots must be well drained, and the plants should he coned up 2 or 3 inches above the rim of the pots, and finished of! with a surfacing of live sphagnum moss. Established plants will only need repottiug once in 2 or 3 years, but should have a fresh top-dressing every year; the best time to overhaul them is about the end of January, or before active growth commences. They should be given a shaded position, free from draughts of cold air, and ordinary stove temperature. Like most evergreen aroids, they require a copious supply of water at the roots and a humid atmosphere during the spring and summer months, and at no season of the year must the plants be allowed to become dry. Care must also be taken not to mar the leaves b_v bard spraying. The temperature during winter should not 5*“ helm” 550- Cult. by Eowaan J. C.\.\':~'mo.