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(name from the Greek). Polygomicea. Tropical tendril-climbers: sepals 5, colored and petal like, the 2 interior ones narrower ; stamens 8 ; styles 3, and ovary 3-angled : lvs. alternate and entire: tie. in racemes, which end in branching tendrils. leptopua, Hook. & Arn. Mousnm Ross. Rosa on Mourasa. SAN liiiousuro. Probably the only species cult. in this country. Stem slender and tall, glabrous, or nearly so: lvs. cordate and acuminate, or hastate - ovate, 3-5 in. long: fls. 6-15 in the raceme, handsome rose pink. Mex. B.M. 5816. G.C. III. 17: 797.—One of the hand somest summer - blooming greenhouse climbers, requir ing abundance of light : usu ally grown from seeds,but also from cuttings In the S. it blooms freely in the open, pre ferring sunny and hot places; protect the root well 'in win ter, or plant deep. It is tu berous-rooted. Give plenty of water when in ii., but keep dry when at rest. Guatomaléuse,Meissn. (A. insfgne, Mast.). Pubescent: lvs. broad er: fls.more numerous, the sepals nearly twice longer (1 in. long) than in the last. Guatemala. G.C. II. 7: 789. L. H. B.

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