(Greek, apkama, inconspicuous, and anlhc. flower). Urticdcem. Trees or shrubs: lvs. alternate, petiolate, serrate : tls. monuecious, inconspic uous ; stalninate in corymbs; pistillate single, axillary:  fr. a drape. Three species in Jap. and Austral. Prop. by seeds or perhaps in the same way as Celtis, and also by grafting on Celtis. aspen, Planch. Small tree : lvs. ovate, oblique, acu minate, serrate, 2‘/2-4 in. long, rough to the touch : fls. greenish, with the lvs.: drupe globular, black, slender stalked. Jap.—Hardy tree, with slender branches, not much different in appearance from Oeltis occidentalis. Little known in this country. ALFRED REED‘-_R_