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(Greek-made name). Acanlhocea. Nearly 70 species of evergreen tropical American shrubs, grown in hothouses for the fine foliage and showy 4-sided terminal spikes of red or yellow gaudy-bracted fls. Of easy culture, if given plenty of diffused light in the grow ing season, and plants are not allowed to become tall and leggy. It is well to grow new plants frequently. Prop. by seeds when obtainable, or b cuttings of partially ripened wood at any season. T ey bloom in autumn, but can readily be brought into flower at other seasons. When done blooming, the plants should be rested in an intermediate temperature, kept rather dry, but not al lowed to wilt or shrivel. Require treatment of Justicias, and thrive along with Allamandas and Poinsettias. L. H. B. All Aphelandras like a stovebouse temperature and a light leaf-mold, with a liberal proportion of sand. They should not be kept very wet in winter. They propagate readily from cuttings and seeds. The leading trade names are A . aurantiaca, chrysops, Fascinator, Raezlii. A. chrysops is one of the handsomest of the group. H. A. SIEBBECHT.

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