(not bitter, from the Greek). Lilioceas, tribe Aloinew. Shortly caulescent small succulents : lvs. spirally arranged or crowded along the stem : fls. green ish, often striped with white, straight, tubular or pris matic, with short, flat or spreading white limb surpass ing the stamens. Cape region. Agave house or cactus house ; suitable for rockeries during the summer. Prop. like Aloe. Monogr. by Baker. G.C. 11. ll: 717 (1879); Journ. Linn. Soc. Bot. 18: 216. A. L11. as broad as long, acuminata, horizontal. lol.iolosa,Willd. (Aloe Ioliolosa, Haw. Haworthia folio losa, Haw.). Lvs. densely crowded, thin-margined, very acuminate, smooth, serrulate: fls. smooth. Cape. B.M. - 1352. AA. Lvs. more elongated, thick, acute, erect or ascending, except in age. 8. Fla. smooth. £spera,Willd. (Aloe dspera, Haw. Haworthia dspera, Haw.). Lvs. small, crowded, finely tuberculate, rough Ened on the back and margin, only the uppermost erect. ape. pentagona, Willd. Haworthia pentdgona, Haw.). from slightly concave and angled becoming biconvex; 5-ranked ; finely pale-tuber culate on back and margin. Cape. B.M.1338.-Includes several forms : Var. Wil denovii, Baker; var. bu11u lota, Willd. (Aloe bulluldta, Jacq.); var. spirélla, Baker (Aloe spirélla, Salm. Ha worthia apirélla, Haw.). BB. Fla. rough-tubcrculale. spiralis, Bak. (A. 1’mbri cdta, Willd. Aloe spirolis, Linn., not Haw. Haw6r thia |'mbricdta,Haw.). Lvs. small, irregularly dispersed, smooth, the margin and keel denticulate. Cape. B. M. 1455. Other species are: A. Mauri ndta, Haw. (Aloe bicarinntn, Spreng.) ; A.con éJta.,Bak.(Aloo congesta,Salm. ; A. drltoidea, Bak. (Aloe deltoidea, Hook. f.). 13.31.6071.Wu.u.u1 Tnsnzasa.