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(not bitter, from the Greek). Lilioceas, tribe Aloinew. Shortly caulescent small succulents: lvs. Spirally arranged or crowded along the stem: fls. Green ish, often striped with white, straight, tubular or pris matic, with short, flat or spreading white limb surpass ing the stamens. Cape region.

Agave house or cactus house; suitable for rockeries during the summer. Prop. like Aloe. Monogr. By Baker. G.C. 11. ll: 717 (1879); Journ. Linn. Soc. Bot. 18: 216. A. L11. As broad as long, acuminate, horizontal. lol.iolosa,Willd. (Aloe Ioliolosa, Haw. Haworthia folio losa, Haw.). Lvs. Densely crowded, thin-margined, very acuminate, smooth, serrulate: fls. Smooth. Cape. B.M. - 1352. AA. Lvs. More elongated, thick, acute, erect or ascending, except in age. 8. Fla. smooth. £spera, Willd. (Aloe, Haw. Haworthia, Haw.). Lvs. Small, crowded, finely tuberculate, rough Ened on the back and margin, only the uppermost erect. ape. pentagona, Willd.

Haworthia pentdgona, Haw.). From slightly concave and angled becoming biconvex; 5-ranked ; finely pale-tuber culate on back and margin. Cape. B.M.1338.-Includes Several forms: Var. Wil denovii, Baker; var. bu11u lota, Willd. (Aloe bulluldta, Jacq.); var. spirélla, Baker (Aloe spirélla, Salm. Ha worthia apirélla, Haw.). BB. Fla. rough-tubcrculale. spiralis, Bak. (A. 1’mbri cdta, Willd. Aloe spirolis, Linn., not Haw. Haw6r this |'mbricdta,Haw.). Lvs. Small, irregularly dispersed, smooth, the margin and keel denticulate.

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