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(Greek, simple pappus). Syn.,Haplopappus. Com posite. About 115 species, mostly from California and Chili. Fls. yel low, in summer and autumn. The only species known to be in Ameri can trade is lanuginosus, Gray. Hardy alpine herb, woolly, 4 in. high, from creep ing rootstocks: lvs. soft, narrowly spatulate, or upper linear, 1-2 in. long: rays 15-20. Mts. of Wash. and Mont. Int. 1889, by F. H. Hors ford. A. ericoldrs. Hook. & Arn. Shrub. 2-5 ft. high: lvs. very numerous, iiliform. those of the dense fascicles 2 or 3 lines long: fls.very numerous. G.C. III. 20: 301.

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