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(Greek for dog-bane). Apovyndceae. D00-sass. Isnum HEMP. Tough perennial herbs,chiefly of N. Temp. zone, with oblong or ovate opposite lvs., milkweed-like fls. in small cymes, and slender follicles or pods. About 25 species, 3 or 4 native to N. Amer. androsmmiiolium, Linn. Three it. or less high, usually glabrous, the branches spreading : lobes of corolla revolute and tube of corolla longer than the calyx: lvs. oval or ovate, short-petioled: cymes loose: fls.bell like, white or pink. N. states : com mon. B. M. 280. D. l89.—Sold by dealers in native plants. Useful for the hardy border. cannabinum, Linn. Branches erect or nearly so: lobes of corolla nearly erect,the tube not longer than calyx: lvs. ovate to lance-oblong, short petioled : cymes dense: fls. greenish white. N. states : common.— Not known to be in the trade, but apt to be confounded with the above.

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