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(Greek name, re ferring to its habitat in the water). Naiaddceae. About 20 tropical or subtropical water plants. Fls. in twin terminal spikes, wholly naked, but subtended by a double row of petal like bracts.distachyum, Thunb. Cara Posn-wean. wATERHAW wnoas (from the fragrance). Forked spikes 4-8 in. long, with several pairs of pure white bracts, borne on the emersed ends of long scapes: fls. very fragrant, with purple anthers : lvs. with very long petioles, the blade floating, oblong-lanceolate, round-based, parallel-veined, 3-6 in. long. Cape of Good Hope. B.M. 1293. F.R. 1:463. P.G. 4: 106.—A charming and interesting plant. In a protected pool, especially if it can be covered in winter, the plant is hardy in the N., blooming nearly all summer. Removed to tubs in the fall, it blooms nearly all winter; or it can be grown permanently in tubs or deep pans in the house. Requires about 2 ft. of water,