(ancient Latin name). Ericdcme. Trees or shrubs: branches smooth and usually red: lvs. ever green, alternate, petiolate : fls. monopetalous, ovate or globular, white to red, about %in. long, in terminal panicles: fr. a globose, many~seeded berry, granulose outside, mostly edible. About 10 species in ‘V. N. Amer., Mediterranean reg., W. Eu., Canary Isl. Ornamental trees, with usually smooth red bark and lustrous ever green foliage, of great decorative value for parks and gardens in warm-temperate regions : especially beautiful when adorned with the clusters of white fls. or bright red berries. They grow best in well-drained soil in some what sheltered positions not exposed to dry winds. Very handsome greenhouse shrubs, thriving well in a sandy compost of peat and leaf soil or light loam. Prop. by seeds sown in early spring or in fall, or by cuttings from mature wood in fall, placed in sandy peat soil under glass; they root but slowly. Increased also by budding or grafting, usually veneer-grafting, it seedlings of one of the species can be had for stock. Layers usually take two years to root.