(Greek, chief angel, from fancied medicinal virtues). Umbellifenz. A few strong-smelb ing coarse herbs closely allied to Angelica, but differing in t&;0iIllliC8.l characters associated with the oil-tubes in the wit. oflicinalil, Hoflm. A European and Asian biennial or perennial, known also as Angelica Archangelica. Stout. herb, with ternately decompound lvs. and large umbels of small fls. The stems and ribs 0! the lvs. were once blanched and eaten, after the manner of celery, and they are still used in the making of sweetmeats. Little known in this country, although it is 0ffU1‘t‘l.i by Ameri can dealers. Its chief value to us is its large foliage. Seeds may be sown in the fall as soon as ripe, or the following spring.