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(Greek, majestic phamirr). Pal mdcus, tribe Arécear. Tall, spineless palms, with stout, solitary, ringed caudices: lvs. terminal, equally pin natisect; segments linear-lanceolate, acnminate or bi dentate at the apex, the margins recurved at the base, sparsely scaly beneath, the mldnerves rather promi nent, nerves slender; rachis convex on the back, the upper surface strongly keeled ; petiole channelled above, sparsely tomentose; sheath long, cylindrical, deeply flssured; spa-dices short-peduncled, with slen der, flexuose, glabrous, pendent branches and branch lets : spathes 2, entire, long, compressed, deciduous : bracts crescent-shaped, adnate to the spadix ; bractlets persistent; fls. rather large : fr. small, globose-ellip soidal. Species, 2. Austral. They are beautiful palms, requiring a temperate house. Prop. by seeds. The Seaforlhia ale;/ans of gardeners belongs here (see Plychosperma for picture of it) . For cult., see Palms.

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