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(from Greek word for bear, probably al luding to the shaggy bur). Compositez. Bunnocx. A few coarse perennials or biennials of temperate Eu. and Asia, some of them widely distributed as weeds. Invo lucre globular and large, with hooked scales, becoming a bur : receptacle densely setose : pappus deciduous, of bristles : lvs. large and soft, whitish beneath: plant not prickly: fls. pinkish, in summer. Lappa, Linn. (Ldppa mdjor, Gas:-tn.). Common BUR DOCK. The Burdock is a common and despised weed in this country, although it is capable of making an excel lent foliage mass and screen. In Japan it is much cult. for its root. which has been greatly thickened and ame liorated, aflording a popular vegetable. It is there known as Gobo (see Georgeson, A.G. 13, p. 210).

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