(Greek, bear and grape). Ema cece. LIANZAMTA. Shrubs or small trees: lvs. alternate, evergreen, usually entire, rarely deciduous : fls. small, urceolate, mostly white, tinged red. in terminal, often panicled racemes, in spring : fr. usually smooth, a red berry or rather drupe, with 1-10 1-seeded, separate or co herent cells. About 30 species in N. and Cent. Amer., 2 species also in N. Eu. and N. Asia. Handsome ever green shrubs, though generally with less conspicuous fls. and frs. than those of the allied genus Arbutus. Some Cent. Amer. species, however, as A. arbutoides, arguta and polifolia are beautiful in flower, and well worth a place in the greenhouse or in the garden in temperate regions ; of the American species, A. Prlnglei, viscida and bicolor are some of the handsomest. Only the trail ing species are hardy north. For culture, see Arbutus. Includes Comarostaphylis.