(from a native name in Malabar). Palmdcrw, tribe Arécean Spineless palms, with trunks solitary or cespitose in a ring: lvs. terminal, equally pinnalisect, the segments lanceolate, acuminate, plicate, with the margins recurring at the base, the upper ones ¢-onl‘lu~ ent and bifld or truncate and many-parted: rac-his 3 sided, convex on the back, the upper face acute, the base and petiole concave: sheath elongated; spadix broad or narrow, the spreading branches at length pen dent: spathes 3 or many, papery, the lowest complete, the upper ones bruct-like; ils. white: fr. medium or large, red or orange. Species, 24. Trop. Asia, Malay Arch., 'l‘rop. Austral. and New Guinea. The name Areca is one of the most familiar of all palm genera, but most of the well-known species are now referred to other genera. A. lutescens, the most popular kind, is Ohryaalidocarpus lutescvns. A . Calechu and A . trian drn are both very quick in germinating. They form very ornamental plants for a moderate sized Kl‘8BYIb0u.~4€. For A. aurea, see Dictyosperma. For A. illmlugu.~u-<uénsis, see Dypsix.