(derivation doubtful). Pdlmdcew, tribe Aricew. Spineless palms, with the thick caudex clothed above with dead, fibrous lea!-sheaths, at length bearing vigorous shoots. Lvs. terminal, elongated, unequally pinnatisect, the linearor cuneate somewhat petiolate seg ments praemorse or obliquely divided at the apex ; mid veins prominent; nerves parallel; margins irregularly toothed above the middle, recurved at the base and one or the other of them auricled, pale below: petiole plano-con vex, with the margin spiny: sheaths short, reticulate flbrous, the margin crenate: spadix large, with short retiexed peduncle and elongated. slender, pendulous branches ; spathes numerous, attached to the peduncle, membranaceous, deciduous : bracts and bractlets broad: fls. brown or brownish green or purplish: fr. yellow, fleshy. Species 5. Trop. Asia, Malay Archipelago, New Guinea, and Trop. Austral. JARED G_ Sm-PE