(the nymph Arefhusa). Orchiddcew. A few species of handsome terrestrial orchids. Fl. gap ing, the sepals and petals lanceolate and nearly alike, arching over the column. bulbbsa, Linn. A very pretty hardy orchid, 8-10 in., with one linear, nerved it. and a bright rose-pink ii. on an erect scape, the lip recurved and bearded. Bogs, N. Car., N. and W.; not common. May, June. Mn. 5:141. G.W.F. l7.—Requires a moist and shady, cool situation and open, porous soil. A shady nook on north slope of rockery, where it can be watered in dry Weather, is an ideal place. the solid bulbs. J . B. Kznnxa.