(ancient name). Composite. Small genus of perennial herbs, with clustered root-lvs. and large, long-peduncled yellow heads. Native to Eu., Asia, and N. Amer.—Tincture of the EuropeanA. monlana is used in medicine. Grown mostly as alpines or in rockwork ; some species also grow fairly well in the common bor der. Prop. by division, and rarely by seeds. A. Radical lvs. cordate, with slender or winged petioles. cm-anona, Hook. Two ft. or less high, hairy: heads few or even solitary, with inch-long rays ; involucre % in. high, pubescent. Rocky lifts. and W. latifolla, Bong. Glabrous or very nearly so, the stem lvs. not cordate or petioled : heads smaller than in pre ceding. Rocky Mts. and W.