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What is Aroideae?

Aroideae is a sub-category of plants under the Araceae family. The group of flowering plants are the largest sub-family of plants under the same family, the Araceae plant family. The family of plants has about 2,300 plant species and 72 genera.

The plants neither have apertures nor the outer exine layer known as sporopollenin. The pollen grains are spiny. Aroids nelarge order of spathe-bearing, tuberous herbaceous plants, containing many of the most highly prized greenhouse plants.

The culture of Aroids is too diverse to be given in any one place. Different Aroideae plant species include Agluonema, Alovasia, Colocasia, Dielfenlmchia, Helicodicuros, Homolo mena, Philodendron, Richardia, Schi2mal0 glottis, Spathiphyllum, Xanlhasoma. etc.

The plants do well in USDA Zones 9 to 10. Since the plants are tolerant to low light and low water conditions, they make perfect houseplants. According to NASA, the plants are effective in purifying air.

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