(old name). Rosdcew. Tallperennialherbs. often referred to the genus Spiraaa, with numerous small dioacious white tie. in panicled spikes : stamens many ; pistils commonly 3. Two species,Americnn and Japanese. aylvéster, Kost. (Spirba Artincua, Linn.). Tall (5-7 ft.), erect branchy herb : lvs. large, 1-2-pinnate, of 3-7 ovate Ifts.: follicles detlexed in fr. Rich woods, N.Amer., N. Eu. and Asia.—A desirable hardy. border plant of easy culture. - altilboidel, Maxim. (Spifiza Arzincus, var. asfilboldea, Maxim. S. astilboldes, Hort. Astilbe astilboldes, Le moine, Gn. 48. p. 355-6). Dwarfer and more graceful than the above (2 ft.): pedicels erect in fr. Japan. —Neater than the American species. See Astilbe for illustration. L. H. B.