(obscure name). Art'stol0chi dcczz. Low, nearly stemless herbs of a few species, but widely disseminated in N. Temp. zone, with odd purplish or brown fls. on the sur face of the ground \ ‘ (or nearly so), under -, neath the heart-like 1 or kidney-like lvs.: corolla wanting, but calyx corolla-like; stamens 12: ovary interior. The Asa rums inhabit rich, shady woods, spread ing on the ground, and the fls. are un seen except by the close observer. They ' 143- are of easy culture it _. Plume oi A.rundO transplanted to rich, l Donax. moist places. They make attractive car pets in borders and groves. The species described below are sold by dealers in native plants. Some of the species are reported to have medicinal properties. a, A. Plant markedly pubescent.