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(Greek, not hard or rough). Hypericrlcem. Low herbs or subshrubs, with bright yellow fls., 2 small sepals and 2 large ones, 4 petals, and many stamens. Dry, sandy soils in E. states (also one or two “fest In dian and one Himalayan species),sometimes grown in borders. Of easiest culture, but should be covered in winter in the N. Prop. by division_; also, by seeds. hypericoides, Linn. (A. Crtiz-Andrea, Linn.). ST. Axmm-:\v’s Csoss. A it. or less high, branchy : lvs. ob long or obovate, narrowed to the base : styles 2. G.F. 5:257. Mn.3:65. stans, Michx. Sr. Pz1'na's-woR'r. Taller, scarcely branched: lvs. broad-oblong or oval and clasping: styles 3-4. L’ H’ B.

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