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(from Assiminier, a French-and-Indian name). Anond-cew. PAPAW (the papaw of literature is Carica, which see). Small trees or shrubs: lvs. alternate, entire, usually deciduous: fls. purple or whitish, campan ulate,solitary or few,axillary; sepals 3; petals 6, the inner ones smaller ; stamens numerous : fr. consisting of one or a few large berries. Eight species in E. N. Amer. Or namental trees or shrubs, with large fls. in early spring, and handsome foliage. Only 2 species are cultivated, of which the arborescent one is the hardier and the hand somer in foliage, while the more tender A. grandiflora has larger and showier fls. They grow best in rich and moist soil. They transplant with difiiculty. Prop. by seeds sown in autumn, or stratified and sown in spring, or b layers in autumn; also, by root-cuttings. In the North, the seeds should be sown in pots or pans. Description of all species is given in Gray, Syn. Fl. N. Amer. 1, pt. 1, pp. 62 and 464. . ' trfloba, Dun. (Anbna frfloba, Linn.). Fig. 150. Small tree, 10-40 ft.: lvs. cuneate, obovate-oblong, acute, }4-1 ft. long, glabrous: fls. with the lvs. from branches of the previous year, green when expanding, changing to pur plish red, with yellow in the middle, 2 in. broad: fr. oblong, 2-6 in. long, dark brown. S. states, north to N. York, west to Mich. and Kansas. S.S. 1:15, 16. Gn. 33, p. 321. G.F. 8: 495. A.G. 44:71.’-3.— This is the only nrborescent species of the genus. It is well worth a place in the garden, for its large foliage is very hand some and the fls., appearing in the early spring, are at tractive. The large fr. is edible, and may be still im proved by cultivation and careful selection of the best varieties. Many people do not relish the highly aromatic flavor; and the large seeds are a disadvantage. The tree has proved hardy in Mass. and Ontario. One or two named forms have been oflered. grandifiora, Dun. Shrub, 2-6 ft.: lvs. cuneate, obovate or oblong, obtuse, 2-4 in. long, rufous-pubescent when young, at length glabrous and chartaceous: fls. large, appearing with the lvs.; outer petals cream-colored, over 2 in. long, much larger than the inner ones: the large ft. is said to be very delicious. S. Georgia, Fla. Anrnan Raam-:a.