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Asparagus ornamental

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Asparagus ornamental
Lilidcerv. The genus Asparagus comprises about 150 species, which are widely dispersed in warm or tropical regions, being particularly abundant in S. Afr. The species are of very various habit. Some are climbers, some drooping or trailing, and some erect-bushy. Many of them are highly prized for their very graceful and line foliage. Some species even surpass the most delicate ferns in elegance of habit and delicacy of spray. The foliage is really composed of leaf like branches (cladopbylla) rather than of true lvs. (see Fig. 151, and the discussion of it). Although all are per ennial, the sts. of some kinds annually die down or cast their lvs. With the exception of A . verticillatus, the fol lowing species must be grown under glass, except in S. Fla. and S. Calif. They are of easy culture. Best when propagated by seeds (which are usually freely pro duced), but are also multiplied by division and cuttings. Roots generally tuberous. Mongr. by Baker, Journ. Linn. Soc. 14 (1875) ; account of cult. species by Watson, G.C. III. 23:122, 147, 178.

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