(ancient Greek name of some shrub). Legumindsrv. MILK V1-:'ro1-1. A genus of over 1,000 spe cies of hard herbs or subshrubs. vs. mostly odd-pinnate: fls. in spikes or racemes, 'ellow, purple or white. hey prefer a light, porous soil and no shade. The dwarfer kinds may be placed in the front of the border or in the rockery. Prop. chiefly by seeds, which germinate slowly, or slowly by careful division in early spring. Many kinds are likely to die if divided or trans planted. Many kinds are cultivated in the Old World, but the four de scribed below are the only kinds commonly sold in America. Of the many na tive kinds, mostly known as rattle-weeds, the following are ad vertised at present: A. Canadensi.s= A. Carolinianus, A. caryocarpus, A. Drummondii, A. Ilcruosus, A. Laz ma-nni, A. Parry/i, A. racemosus, A. Robbinsii, A. Shorlianus. The Loco weed of the prairies, which is said to poison cattle, is A. mollissimus. For these and many others the student is referred to Britton and Brown's illus trated Flora, and Coulte