(obscure name). Including Henfreya and Mackuya. Acanthdceaa. Twenty to 30 herbs or shrubs of the Old World tropics. Corolla tube straight or curved, the spreading limb 5-lobed and nearly or quite regular: stamens 4, unequal: stigma blunt or minutely 2-lobed: lvs. thin, entire: fls. white, blue or purple, in axillary orterminal clusters, often very showy. General treatment of Justicia, in intermediate or warm houses. bélla, Beuth. & Hook. (Mackdya Mlle, Harvey). Glabrous, upright subshrub : lvs. ovate-oblong, acumi nate, spreading, short~sta|ked, sinuate~toothed : fls. li lac, 1?. in. long, with a long tube below the flaring throat, the spreading segments ovate-obtuse, disposed on one side of a raceme 5-8 in. long. S. Afr. B.M. 5797.—A beautiful plant, rarely seen, and thought to be diflicult to manage ; but it seems to flower readily in fall in our climate, if rested during the previous winter and brou,'.:ht on in the summer. Prop. by cuttings of firm wood in spring or summer. Young plants in small pots often bloom well. A. Cm-omandelidna, Nees (A. Comorensis, Bojer. Justicin Gangetica, Linn.). Zigzag subshrub: lvs. ovate-cordate, wavy: tls.purple, nearly sessile, in 6-10-tid.raccme. lnd. B.M. -1248. P.M.14: 125. F.S.2:179.—A.scdndens, Lindl. (Heufreya scan dens. Lindl.). Climbing: lvs. obovate to ovate, thick, entire : fls. large. yellow. white and blush, in a thyrse. Afr. ]3..\i.44-$9. B.R. 33: 31. F.-S. 3: 231. L H B