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(ancient Greek name). Polygomicew. Low shrubs: lvs. alternate or fasciculate, deciduous : fls. small, apetalous, in few-fid. axillary clusters, form ing terminal racemes ; sepals 4-5; stamens 6-8 : fr. : small akene, enclosed by the enlarged inner sepals. Summer. About 18 species in central and western Asia, Greece, and N. Afr. Low shrubs of spreading habit, with usually small lvs., attractive with their numerous racemes of white or rose-colored fls., which remain un changed for along time, owing to the persistent calyx. They grow best in well-drained soil and sunny situations, but do not stand transplanting well when older. Prop. by seeds sown in spring ; the seedlings are liable to rot if kept too moist, or in damp air. Increased, also, by greemvood cuttings under glass in early summer, and by layers. A. huxifblia, Jaub. 8: Spach. (Poiygonum crispnlum. Sims). Height 1-2 ft., spineless: lvs. obovate, crenate, dark green, %—1 in. long: racemes short. Transcaucasia. Turkestan. B.M. 1065.—.~1. I-rutéaoens. Koch (A. lanceolate, Meissn.). Height 1-2 ft., pineless: lvs. ovate-lanceolate, glauceseent. }{,—1 in. long: raccmesloose. Caucasus,Turkest.,Siberia. L.B.C.5:489. B.R. 3:25t.—A. latifblia, Koehne (A. Muschketowi, Krnssn.). Erect, 2-3 ft., spineless : lvs. lanceolate, crenate. “A-2 in. long: iis.white,incompact racemes. Turkest. 13.51.7435. Gt. 40:1344. —A. spinoaa, Linn. Height 1-2 ft., spiny: lvs. elliptic, entire, glaucescent, 1/17% in. long: racemes short. S. Russia, Orient, S'b. 1 em‘" . ALFRED Rsnmm.

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