(derivation disputed). Chenopodidcew. A large genus containing many succulent weeds of des ert regions. A. horfensis is a garden vegetable used like spinach; for culture, see Orach. A. leplorarpa and A. semibaccata are two plants lately introduced as supple mentary forage plants for arid regions. See Circular No. 3, Div. of Agrost., U. S. Dept. Agric. A. Garden vegetable (with ornrnnental~It'd. variety). horténsia, Linn. Osacn. SEA Pussnasn. Annual: stem herbaceous, erect: lvs. hastate, cordate, or trian gular-oblong, acute, 4-5 in. long, 2%-3 in. wide ; petioles 12-18 lines long: fruiting bracts 4-8 lines long, short pediceled. Var. atro-sanguinea, Hort., is a crimson leavcd ornamental about 4 ft. high, sometimes grown with amarantus-like plants.