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(atlalus, magnificent). Palmdcem, tribe Oocoinece. Spineless palms. with a single, thickish ringed or scarred caudex: lvs. arising almost perpen dicular and the upper part arched, pinnately cut, linear-lanceolate, acuminate, with the margins re curved at the base; petiole concave above: tis. yellow: fr. rather large. Species 20. Trop. Amer. The leaflets on the lower side of the rachis hang straight down, and those on the upper side point straight up.


Perfect drainage, and a soil having a mixture of leaf-mold or peat, with a tem perature ranging from 60° to 80° F., will be found to suit them. Put the seeds about 2 in. deep in a box and sink the box in a warm border out of doors in summer, cover with a mulch of moss, and water frequently.

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