(atlalus, magnificent). Palmdcem, tribe Oocoinece. Spineless palms. with a single, thickish ringed or scarred caudex: lvs. arising almost perpen dicular and the upper part arched, pinnately cut, linear-lanceolate, acuminate, with the margins re curved at the base; petiole concave above: tis. yellow: fr. rather large. Species 20. Trop. Amer. The leaflets on the lower side of the rachis hang straight down, and those on the upper side point straight up. The Attaleas are unprofitable to grow as commercial decorative plants, because they take too long to make good sized plants from the seedling state. Perfect drainage, and a soil having a mixture of leaf-mold or peat, with a tem perature ranging from 60° to 80° F., will be found to suit them. Put the seeds about 2 in. deep in a box and sink the box in a warm border out of doors in summer, cover with a mulch of moss, and water frequently.