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(Claude Aubriet, French natural history painter of last century) Cruclferw. Perennial, more or less evergreen trailers, excellent for rockwork or edg ings. Prop. y seeds, or by layers or cuttings.

The genus is distinguished chiefly by the outer sepals being saccate at base. the shorter filaments toothed, and the valves of the silique convex and not ribbed. Italy to Persia. dsltoidea, DC. Lvs. oblong-spatulate, deltoid or rhom hold, with 1 or 2 teeth on either side, grayish, narrowed into a very short petiole: fls. in few-fld., lax clusters, the violet or purple petals twice the length of the calyx. —Grows 2-12 in. high. Pretty spring bloomer. Hardy in the north. Var. Bougainvfllei, Hort. Fls. light vio let: dwarf and compact. Var. Glm belli, Hort. Fls. large, purple : plant large. Var. mi, Hort. Fla. large and long, deep violet. Var. Graaoa, Hort. Dwarf and compact, large-fld. One of the best. Var. Honda!‘ loni, Hort., probably the same as Oampbelli. Var. Leichtlini, Hort. Profuse bloomer, pink fls. Var. Olympian, Hort. Fls. large, violet, like var. Eyrei. Var. violaoea, Hort. One of the largest forms.

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