(its Japanese name). Comdceez. One ever green shrub, with glossy, often variegated lvs., enduring smoke and dust: fls. small, diaacious, 4-merous, in pani cles: fr. a l-seeded drupe. Hardy S. In the N. states, Aucubas are grown in coolhouses—those adapted to azaleas are excellent—and they are kept evergreen by keeping them in a pit during winter, or by holding them cool and partially dry in the house. They will stand 5 or 6 de grees of frost in a pit. From cuttings of half-ripened wood, good specimen plants may be had in 2 or 3 years. Fruiting plants, with their numerous bright scarlet ber ries, are exceedingly attractive. but as the plant is dimcious, there must be male plants with the female ones. If grown in pots and under glass, the plant must be fertilized by shaking the flowering male plant over the female, or by applying the pollen with a camel's hair pencil. If the male plant flowers earlier. the pollen may be collected and kept dry until the female plant is in tiower ; it remains effective for some weeks. in the open, Aucuba grows well in any good, somewhat moist though well-drained soil, in a half-shaded position. in pots, it will thrive in a sandy learn with sufiicient drain age, and requires plenty of water during its growing period. Fruiting plants should not have too large pots. Prop. very easily by half-ripened greenwood cuttings at nearly any time of the year, under glass, and by seeds sown soon after maturity ; the varieties are sometimes grafted on the common form in early spring, under glass. -Taponica, Thunb. Shrub, 4-15 ft.: fls. usually ovate, 3-8 in. long, remotely and coarsely dentste, acuminate, shining : berries scarlet, rarely white or yellow, usually oblon . From Himal. to Jap. B.M. 5512. I.H. 11:399. Var. imalaica, Dipp. (A. Himaldica, Hook. & Thom.). Lvs. ovate-lanceolate, more dentate: panicles more pilosez fr. orange to scarlet. Himal. F.S.l2:127l. I.H. 6:197. —There are many garden forms, mostly with variegated lvs.. which are more cultivated than the green forms. Handsome varie ated varieties are: albe variegata, aurea. aureo-mac an (Flor. Mag. 10:527. Flor. World 1876:353), bioolor, latimaculata, lim bata. medio-variegata, picturata, punctata, variegata (B.M. 1197. F.M. 5:277). The following forms have green lvs.: angustiiolia, dentata, macrophylla. ovata, salicifolia, pygmma. A. crariiiolia, once oifered in Amer. trade, is probably a form of A. Juponica. Aarssn Rx-uvsn.