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(I. N. Azara, a Spanish promoter of science, especially of botany). Bixdcew. Shrubs or small trees : lvs. evergreen, alternate, with usually enlarged and leaf like stipules : fls. small, in axillary peduncled racemes or clusters, apetalous ; sepals 4-5 ; stamens numerous, rarely 5 : fr. a many-seeded berry. About 20 species in S. America, especially Chile. Handsome evergreen shrubs, with small but fragrant fls., for warm temperate regions ; probably only A. microphylla will thrive fur ther north in a sheltered position and protected during the winter. Grow best in a sandy compost of loam and leaf soil. Prop. by seeds or cuttings of mature wood in autumn, placed in slight bottom heat under glass. mlcrophylla, Hook. 1. From 3-12 ft.: lvs. obovate, ser rate, or nearly entire, %-%in. long, shining, glabrous, the stipules similar, but half the size: fls. greenish, in few-fld. clusters; stamens 5: berries orange. Feb., Mar. Chile. G.C. lI.1:81.—Graceful evergreen shrub, regu larly pinnatcly branched, excellent for covering walls ; the hardiest of all the cultivated species. Gilliesi, Hook. & Arn. Height 10-15 ft.: lvs. 2%-3 in. long, broad-ovate, with coarse, spiny teeth, glabrous; stipules orbicular, much smaller : fls. in dense. elliptic, nodding heads, yellow. Feb., Mar. Chile. B.M. 5178. F.S. 23: 2445.—-The handsomest of all Azaras. Lcrassilolia. Hort.—A. Gilliesi.—-A. dentdta, R. & Pnv. Height 12 ft.: lvs. obovate or elliptic, crennte-serrate: fls. yellow, in small corymbs. Chile. B.R. 2l:1788.—A. inleqrifolia. R. & Pav. Height 10-20 ft.: lvs. entire: fls. yellow, in oblong bends. Chile. Has a variegated form. ALFRED REHDEK