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(bakkaris, an ancient Greek name). Composite-. GROUNDSEL Tans. Shrubs or herbs: lvs. alternate, usually serrate, deciduous or persistent: heads of fls. small, white or yellowish, diaacious; involucre with many imbricate scales: akenes with pappus. About 250 species in America, mostly in tropical regions. A few species are cultivated particularly for the snow-white pappus, which gives the fruiting plant a very showy appearance. They grow in almost any well drained soil in a. sunny position, and are well adapted for dry and rocky slopes, and valuable for seashore planting. Prop. by seeds or by cuttings under glass. halimliolia, Linn. Shrub, 3-12 ft.: branches angular: lvs. cuneate, oblong or obovate, coarsely toothed, the up permost entire, glabrous, 1-2 in. long: fls. in large pani cles: pappus white. about %in. long. Sept. Seacoast, from N. Eng. southward. Gng. 7: l13.—The hardiest species ; in fruit resembling a shrub with abundant snow-white fls. B. Patagomcn, Hook. & Am. Low evergreen shrub: lvs. %-1/¢in. lrmg: heads mostly axillary. Patag.— B. pilulairia. DC. Height 6 ft.: evergreen: lvs. 1 in. long: heads in racemose pani cles. Pacific ron.~st.— B. mlicifolia, Torr. & Gray. Allied to B. halimifolia. Lvs. narrow-oblong or linear-lanceolate. Colo. to W‘ T°’“““' ALFRED Rnnonn.