(Greek, baktwm, cane; the young stems used for walking-sticks). Palmdcem, tribe Oocoinew. Usually low palms, very rarely entirely spineless, with solitary or fasciculate ringed, spiny or smooth caudices, sprouting from the roots : lvs. terminal or scattering, equally or unequally pinnatisect, glabrous or pubescent; segments sparse or aggregated, or more or less imperfectly con nate, forming a bifid blade, acute or rarely obtuse at the apex, the ciliate margins recurved at the base ; petiole short or long; sheath long, spiny; spadices sessile or pe~ dunculate, perforating the leaf-sheaths ; spathes 2, the lower short, open at the apex, the upper coriaeeous or woody, exceeding the spadix, or fusiform, ventrally dehiscent, smooth, bristly or spiny ; bracts persistent : fls. small or medium, pale gellow or greenish: tr. small, green, ovoid or globose. pecies, about 100. Tropical America. Ornamental, but little grown on account of the spines. See Palms.