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Barbarea (Wintercresses)

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Barbarea (Wintercresses)
(from the old name, Herb of Saint Barbara). Brassicaceae. Hardy biennials, with yellow fls.; allied to water cross and horseradish. vulgaris, R. Br. Common Wmrsa Gauss. Urnnm Cmzss. Ysnnow ROCKET. Height 10-18 in.: lower lvs. lyrate, the terminal lobe round, the lateral usually 1-4 pairs : upper lvs. obovate, cut-toothed at the base. Eu. Asia. —Cult. for salad. Var. varisgsta, Hort., lvs. splashed and mottled with yellow, is cult. as a border plant, and grows freely in rich soil. If the fls. are picked off, stern and all, before they open, the plant will be practically perennial. A common native. prfioox, R. Br. EARLY Wrmn, or Bum. Isms Cares. Distinguished b the more numerous divisions of the lvs. (4-8 pairs). lightly cult. as asalad. and known S. as Scurvy Grass. Naturalized from Eu.

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