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Berchemia is a genus of plants in the family Rhamnaceae, named after Dutch botanist Berthout van Berchem. They are climbing plants or small to medium-sized trees that occur in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Rhamndceaz. Shrubs, mostly climbing, rarely trees: leaves. deciduous, alternate, slender, petioled, entire or nearly so, with minute stipules: flowers. inconspicuous, 5-merous, in terminal, usually leafy panicles: flower. a small berry-like drupe with 2-celled stone.

Twelve species in E. Asia, N. Amer., E. AEr.—Ornamental climbing shrubs, not quite hardy north, with small, bright green graceful foliage, useful for covering trellis work in sunny positions. They grow in almost any soil. Prop. by seeds and by root cuttings in spring under glass; also by layering the young shoots and by cuttings of mature wood in fall under glass.

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