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Bertholletia (Brazil Nut, Para Nut, Cream Nut)

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Bertholletia (Brazil Nut, Para Nut, Cream Nut)

(after Louis Claude Berthollet, French chemist). Myrtaceae. Large trees: leaves. alternate, bright green, leathery, about 2 ft. long, 6 in. broad: flowers cream colored; calyx parts united and tearing into 2 parts when the flower opens; petals 6, stamens many, united into a. hood-shaped mass, the upper ones sterile: flower. round, about 6 in. in diam., with a hard shell containing 18-24 3-sided nuts. Curiously enough, the common trade name of the Brazil nut is Castanea, which is properly the name of the genus that includes the chestnuts.

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