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(Dr. John Brickell, an early American naturalist). Compdsihr. About 40 species of herbs or small shrubs in the warmer parts of the U. S. and Mex., only one of which seems to be in the trade. Somewhat allied to Eupatorium. Lvs. veiny, either opposite or alternate : fls. white, cream-colored or flesh-colored, small, with pappus either scale-like or somewhat plumose : akenes striate. grandlilora, 

Nearly glabrous, 2-3 ft., branchy above : lvs. triangular-cordate or triangular-lance olate above, coarsely toothed: heads about 40-tld., drooping, in large panicles. tassel shaped and yellowish white. Rocky Mts. -—Recommended for moist, shady borders.

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