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Briza (Quaking Grasses)

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Briza (Quaking Grasses)

A genus of grasses cultivated for the graceful panicles, which tremble in the slightest breeze. Lvs. flat or convolute; panicles loosely flowered and open; spikelets many-flowered, triangular or heart shaped, nodding ; glumes membranaceous and rounded on the back; awnless. Species, 12 in Eu., N. Afr., S. Amer. About 5 are considered to be ornamental and useful for dry bouquets. 

Plant 12-18 in. high: culms geniculat-e at the base: lvs. 3-5 in. long, smooth above, slightly rough below: spikelets showy. nodding, oblong-cordate, -,‘;in. long, 9-12-fld.,j with a striking ribbed appearance. mlxima, Linn. (B. mdjor, P1-es1.). Annual, 14-18 in. high: lvs. long and linear-acuminate: panicles nod ding: spikelets oblong-cordate, 13-17-fld. Eu.—A hand some ornamental grass. media, Linn. Common QUAKING GRASS. Plant 6in. to 2 ft. high : lvs. short, linear-acuminste: spikelets tri angular, fgin. long, 5-12-fld. Eu. minor, Linn. (B. grdcilis, Hort. B. minima. Hort.). Plant 4-15 in. high: lvs. 1-5 in. long: panicle with hairlike branches; spikelets triangular, Ii-6-iId.; empty glumes longer than the flowering glumes. Eu., N. Afr.—An exceedingly pretty little ornamental grass. P. B. Kmrnr.

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