(Otto Brnnfels, physician and botanist of the 16th century). Syn., Franciscea. Solandcea. More than 20 trees and shrubs of tropical America, a few of which are grown in warm glasshouses. Leaves entire, oblong, often shining: flowers. in terminal cymes or clusters, or solitary, large and showy, fragrant; corolla with 5 rounded and nearly equal spreading lobes (or two of them a little more united); stamens 4, in the throat of the corolla, the anthers all alike: flower. berry-like. Brunfelsias are usually winter-flowering plants. The wood must be well ripened before flowering begins. Grow in a rather sandy compost. Of easy culture. Require a night temperature of 50°. They bloom best when pot-bound. Propagated by cuttings from the new growth in spring.