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Calceolaria (Slipper Flowers)

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Calceolaria (Slipper Flowers)

(Latin calceolus, a slipper, alluding to the saccate fl.). Scrophularidcezz. Many species of herbs and shrubs, chiefly natives of S. Amer., but some in Mexico and New Zealand. Corolla 2-parted nearly to the base, the lower part or lip deflexed and inflated-slip per-like, the upper lip smaller and ascending, but usu ally saccate; stamens 2 or rarely 3, and no rudiments (A, Fig. 315): fruit at many-seeded capsule: lvs. usually hairy and rugose, mostly opposite.

Calceolarias are grown for the variousl colored and usually spotted 1ady"s-slipper-like fls. T e colors are often very rich and intense. The genus falls into two horticultural sections. the herbaceous kinds, and the shrubby kinds. The former are the only ones generally known in this country.

They are grown from seeds. They are often known as the hybrid Calceolarias (C. hybrida, Hort.), since the com mon varieties are evidently the products of inter-crossing and plant-breeding. L_ H_ B_

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