(Greek, beauty and Iruit). Verbend ceas. Shrubs or trees, mostly with rough, stellate hairs: lvs. opposite, usually dentate and deciduous : fls. small, perfect, in axillary cymes; corolla with short tube, 4 lobed; stamens 4: fr. :2. small, berry-like drupe, red, lilac or violet, with 2-4 seeds. About 30 species in trop. and subtrop. regions of Asia, Australia. N. and C. Amer. Some species are cult. chiefly for their decorative fr., profusely produced in fall; the hardiest are C. pur purea and C. Jnponica, and they may be grown even north in sheltered positions, if somewhat protected dur ing the winter. it killed to the ground, young shoots spring up vigorously, and will produce fls. and tr. in the same season. If grown in the greenhouse, they require a sandy compost of loam and peat, and plenty of light and air. Prop. readily by greenwood cuttings in spring or summer under glass, also by hardwood cuttings, layers and seeds.