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Callirhoe (Poppy Mallows)

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Callirhoe (Poppy Mallows)

(The name of several women in Greek mythology)

English Name: Poppy mallow.

Large, mallow-like flowers varying from rose to cherry-red and crimson-purple, with white centers, carried nine to twelve inches above the ground on creeping stems. Leaves rather large, round in outline, and palmately divided; persistent. Excellent for bare places and for the rock garden, and good for the front of the herbaceous border.

A perfectly hardy perennial of easiest culture, will grow well in ordinary soil, but does best in a light, rich soil. Prefers sun. Propagate by seed, from which it will blossom the first year, also by cuttings. Thrives even in very dry soil, the roots penetrating to a great depth.

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