(Greek, beautiful-leased). Gut liferdunv. Tropical trees, with shining, leathery, ever green penninerved lvs. and panicled fls. The following is cult. outdoors in S. Fla. and S. Calif., and possibly in northern warmhouses. Prop. by cuttings. Inophyllum, Linn. Branches terete: lvs. obovate, usually marginate : fls. white, fragrant, in loose, axil lary racemes; peduncles 1-fld., usually opposite; sepals 4: fr. reddish, as large as a walnut. E. Tropics.—Int. by Reasoner, 1893. Also in S. Calif. A tall tree, with beautiful glossy lvs. and white fis. Oil is extracted from ' the seeds. Has medicinal properties.