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( Kalyz and emthos, flower; the calyx is large and conspicuous). Calycanthclcele. Caaouxa ALLSPICE. Swear-scsnran Smwa. Deciduous shrubs of aromatic fragrance: lvs. Opposite, petioled, entire, usually rough above: fls. Terminal or axillary, solitary, rather large, with numerous sepals and no distinct petals; stamens 5-23: fr. capsule-like, but not dehiscent, like the rose-hip, formed by the calyx tube and containing nu merous akenes.

Six species in N. America and E. Asia. Ornamental shrubs, with rather large, handsome foliage and mostly sweet-scented fls.; They grow in almost any well-drained and somewhat rich soil, and succeed as well in shady as in sunny positions. Prop. by seeds sown in spring; also, increased by layers put down in summer, and by suckers or division of older plants.

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