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( Kalyz and emthos, flower; the calyx is large and conspicuous). Calycanthclcele. Caaouxa ALLSPICE. Swear-scsnran Smwa. Deciduous shrubs of aromatic fragrance: lvs. opposite, petioled, entire, usually rough above : fls. terminal or axillary, solitary, rather large, with numerous sepals and no distinct petals; stamens 5-23: fr. capsule-like, but not dehiscent, like the rose-hip, formed by the calyx tube and containing nu merous akenes. Six species in N. America and E. Asia. Ornamental shrubs, with rather large, handsome foliage and mostly sweet—scented fls.; they are almost hardy north, except 0. occidentalia and C. prrrcox. They grow in almost any well drained and somewhat rich soil, and succeed as well in shady as in sunny positions. Prop. by seeds sown in spring; also, increased by layers put down in summer, and by suckers or division of older plants.

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